Lifetime Pass

After nearly 15 years in the baseball event business with over 100 tournaments at some of our nation’s most interesting and iconic baseball parks, complexes and stadiums, we have built up quite a client base. I thank you all for the support you’ve given to us. Most of you are regulars at that one yearly event we hold  at either Palm Beach, Rickwood or Cooperstown.

Some of you wait for the new venue we feature every year and come to that. And some of you are just die hard baseball  fans and love the opportunity we provide to you and come to 2 or 3 or more events a year. You’re the player we are targeting with this offer. It’s our way of saying thank you for years of support and our way of guaranteeing your continued attendance at our events for years to come. It’s a lifetime pass to PATP! 


Just think you could sign up for tournaments and never hit the payment button again. And if you are one the clients who does come to 2 or 3 events a year it would pay for itself in about a year and a half…. The fee is just $2,500. In addition to the lifetime membership you’ll receive a new PATP uniform in your favorite team’s colors, a hat and other accessories stating you’re a lifetime member. I can think of 2 dozen people off the top of my head that fit this category of devotion to our product.

Should you stop playing ball and still have some credit left on the account, we’ll reimburse the difference. The pass is good for all events that are priced $500 and less. A special trip to a fantasy camp, something overseas or the ultimate baseball road trip (new idea for next year) you’ll get a 500 dollar credit and you’ll pay the difference. It’s our way of saying thanks to you the upper echelon customer. Feel free to call me or drop an email to me to discuss this offer.  If it sounds “just right” for you, here’s the link to sign-up:


We think it’s a win win for everybody.